South Bend, Elkhart Police warn against phone scams

NOW: South Bend, Elkhart Police warn against phone scams


SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- This week Elkhart and South Bend Police have issued separate warnings about scams that involve people impersonating law enforcement. Officials say the scammers will claim someone has a warrant and must pay hundreds or thousands of dollars via a prepaid gift card in order to have the warrant cleared.

"Numbers can be easily spoofed so if you get a call and they identify themselves as someone from the South Bend Department and red some red flags are going off tell them 'Let me call you back,' hang up, and actually google our number," said Christine Karsten, Digital Communications and Media Liaison for South Bend Police.

Both South Bend and Elkhart Police say they would never accept money over the phone or ask for prepaid cards. Karsten warns that money is often difficult to recover if it is given to scammers.

"Some people might not know that banks probably won’t reimburse you because you are willing giving that money up," said Karsten "You worked hard for that money so you don’t want to give it up."

Both departments say to hang up immediately if you feel you are being scammed. 

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