South Bend gas prices lower than U.S. average

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- After weeks of paying some of the highest gas prices in the country, South Bend drivers are finally paying less. says our average gas price has fallen to $3.39 a gallon for unleaded. That is actually lower than the national average at $3.49

It is also $.81 lower than what we were paying just a month ago and $.11 less than prices the same day one year ago.

"I never really think about the national average. I'm just driving to work everyday and I see the gas price," said driver Devin Coyne. "But I don't keep up as much as I really should so. You know, I don't pay much attention to the average. I'm just looking at the prices when I drive by pretty much."

The good news may not last long. Gas buddy says prices may jump again soon thanks to oil prices going up.

Oil prices are climbing partly due to the conflict in Egypt.

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