South Bend holds community action meeting to discuss discipline matrix

NOW: South Bend holds community action meeting to discuss discipline matrix

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- The South Bend Board of Public Safety held a community action meeting on Tuesday night to discuss it’s discipline matrix. The matrix outlines guidelines for disciplining officers following incidents of misconduct.

The matrix provides six categories of infractions that range in punishment from written reprimand to termination. Many community members in attendance felt some of the punishments were too lenient on officers.

Other participants took issue with the process by which the matrix was formed altogether.

“Folks who created the problem are trying to create the solution and we all know that’s a backwards way for fixing problems,” said Igor Rodriguez who attended the meeting.

City officials see the matrix and Tuesday’s meeting discussing it as the city taking one step closer to regaining the trust between the public and the police department.

“The concept is supported by our officers as well as the community to make sure that discipline is handled in a consistent way,” said Mayor James Mueller.

While everyone in attendance agreed that more work needed to be done on the matrix, some in attendance felt Tuesday’s meeting was a step in the right direction for the city.

“What I’m hoping is that we have an instrument that will help us have a police department that is in harmony with the community,” said Mary Beth Diganne, who also attended the meeting.

The Mueller Administration hopes to implement the discipline matrix in the next month.

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