South Bend International Airport to expand parking and build new flooring

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – The South Bend International Airport began construction recently on a parking lot expansion and the installation of new flooring.

Phase one of the construction project will focus on the parking lot expansion. 249 new parking spaces will be added along with Progress Drive being rerouted. The west side entrance will also be relocated south.

There will be additional road signs, security cameras, lighting and emergency call boxes added to the new parking lot.

Phase Two will focus on the expansion of the rental car lot—from 220 space to 486 spaces.

Phase One will be finished by Thanksgiving. Phase Two will begin in Spring of 2020.

Additionally, the tile floor in the atrium near the Delta Air Lines ticket counter will be replaced with terrazzo, a material used in floor treatments. It is comprised of marble, quartz, granite or glass.

Gibson-Lewis (A Mishawaka-based contractor) and Creative Design Solutions (an architecture company based in South Bend) are involved in the renovations/expansions.

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