South Bend man speaks after car crashes into home

NOW: South Bend man speaks after car crashes into home

SOUTH BEND, Ind – A South Bend family received a surprise on March 7th when a car crashed into their house.

“I was sitting in my recliner chair watching tv when suddenly there was this terrific noise, it sounded like an explosion,” Ernest Jankowski said.

According to investigators and witnesses Ronald Underwood allegedly drove into the Jankowski home, hitting the garage, crashing into their car that was parked in the garage knocking it into the wall of the living room narrowly missing Ernest Jankowski.

“The wall of the family room was pushed into the room, pushing a very large couch and coffee table in front of it and actually the couch came up to the foot rest on my recliner,” Jankowski said.

According to investigators Underwood allegedly fled leading Police on a chase through South Bend that came to an end in a parking lot near Bendix Drive.

According to court documents Underwood is being charged with six criminal counts including operating a vehicle while intoxicated, a crime that he was previously charged with in March 2018.

The Jankowski family’s car that was involved in the hit-and-run was considered a total loss and they are assessing the damage to the home in preparation for repairs but they say they’re thankful that they escaped the hit-and-run without injuries.

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