South Bend man trapped in by downed wire

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- A South Bend man has been stuck on his property since July 4, a downed TV and Cable wire is blocking his only way out.

According to the owner, Michael Harradon, An old tree fell down five days ago and it took the wire with it.

Harradon said he has done almost everything to get someone out to put the wire back in its right place. He said called AEP, South Bend Police Department, and the local fire department.

“I’ve missed work, I’ve missed work, I’ve missed client, I’m at my wits end," Harradon said.

He said the wire belongs to the cable provider, Comcast, and has called the company over 20 times, since July 4, about the downed wire.

"Every call I make I get a different response," Harradon said. "We’ll have somebody in contact with you real soon, the dispatch center will be calling you, nobody called."

We reached out to Comcast for a comment but it's corporate office is closed for the weekend.

The Battalion Chief at the Portage Township Fire Department said a downed TV and Cable wire is not as emergent as a downed power line. But she said if the wire were to cause a fire, they would come out and extinguish it.

"I don't know what else to do," Harradon said.

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