South Bend missing couple's families are speaking out

South Bend Police are asking for the public's help for information on two missing adults.

Two mothers are speaking out, in a cry for help to hear anything about their missing daughter and son.

Crystal Reyes, 23-years old, and 31-year old Nick Sams were last seen in the late hours of December 27th on Pleasant Road in South Bend.

The South Bend Police Department said all of their leads are exhausted and now need the public's help in finding them.

Both Crystal's and Sams' mother's have posted missing persons signs all over South Bend and all the way up to Chicago, because in their hearts they say they know their kids did not just runaway.

Dora Gonzalez, Crystal's mom, says Crystal's children want their mommy.

“I just keep saying she's at work. They have no idea and keep saying she's taking too long,” said Gonzalez.

On December 27, Crystal and her boyfriend, Sams, had dinner at Gonzalez' house, then went to Sams' mom's house.

“We haven't seen or heard ever since,” said Gonzalez.

Crystal was supposed to report to work at the Taco Bell on Lasalle Avenue the next morning, but she never made it.

Now, her missing persons poster hangs on their door seeking help.

“Did someone do something to them? Did they have an accident down in a reverie somewhere and no one can find them? I just never know, there's so many things going through my head,” said Clara Brown, Nick Sams' mother.

Brown said she has driven all around looking for her son and his girlfriend but she does not know where to start.

“If they said we're going to Michigan or something like that, you know to look that direction but, nothing,” said Brown.

Brown can only hope her son has runaway.

“Maybe they decided to go off and elope, maybe they're down in Vegas,” said Brown.

She said him not calling is not like him, and Gonzalez said the same thing about her daughter.

“I know this ain't like her, so I know something had to have happened for her to be gone no contact or anything,” said Gonzalez.

Crystal has two kids and Gonzalez says she is crazy about them.

She missed her son's fourth birthday party, one she planned.

“So there's no way she walked away,” said Gonzalez.

Left now, just  two mothers pleading for their children to return or make a simple phone call.

“At least call home and let us know you're alright. Let us know you're alright,” said Brown.

“Crystal, we really need you. Please call us, we need you,” said Gonzalez.

They were driving a 2009 silver/gray Jeep Commander Sport with Indiana license plate VOX 437. There is damage to the fender on the driver's side.

If you have any information on their whereabouts, contact the South Bend Police Department at 574-235-9201.
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