South Bend neighbor fed up with problem intersection

NOW: South Bend neighbor fed up with problem intersection

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- A local woman is upset with the amount of serious traffic accidents that happen near the Rockne and Twyckenham Drive intersection.

Bobbie Cox runs a daycare out of her home on Rockne Drive. She said she is home when most of these crashes happen.

“I was in the house and I heard a big crash and then as always I know there’s an accident,” said Cox.

The most recent accident happened Thursday evening, involving three cars causing the South Bend Police and Fire Departments to respond.

The police department and City Streets Department could not give an exact number of accidents that occur near that intersection. But the South Bend Fire Department said they have responded to an accident that resulted in injuries very recently.

“Daily they just run the stop sign going North and even going South,” she said.

She said distracted, and maybe even reckless, driving is why so many drivers run through the stop signs. She and other neighbors have proposed a roundabout, flashing lights, or more visible stop signs to lower the amount of traffic violations and accidents.

Cox said every time she sees an accident at the intersection she snaps a picture and posts a warning to Facebook.

“The pictures help tell the story about the accidents,” she said.

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