South Bend neighborhood addresses littering issues

NOW: South Bend neighborhood addresses littering issues

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- Residents living near Wall Street in South Bend are frustrated by the amount of trash they see on their lawns each day. 

"Constantly there’s fast food wrappers, broken bottles, cans I’ve even had a dirty diaper I’ve picked up," said Chuck Floyd, who lives on Wall Street. "It’s dangerous it’s ugly, it’s a detriment to the community and no one seems to care about it."

Floyd says he uses his own time and resources to try and keep his neighborhood clean, but it has become a daily struggle. 

"I go out everyday and pick up trash from my yard and the next day it’s terrible," said Floyd. "It’s not unusual for me to fill up a 5 gallon bucket in one day."

Floyd says he reached out to the city of South Bend for help, but has not seen much change.

"It’s very frustrating, it seems to me like people just don’t care about it. If people cared about it I think we could do something about it," said Floyd. 

ABC 57 reached out to Code Enforcement on Tuesday. Officials say they have issued citations for littering in the area. 

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