South Bend Police Department identify remains found in 2007

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The South Bend Police Department announced on Monday that thanks to the help of the public, they have been able to identify remains found on Sept. 29, 2007 as those of 39-year-old Tracy Martin.

"This case is one of the first ones I began looking at when I first became an investigator with the South Bend Police Department," SBPD Cold Case Investigator Craig Whitfield. "There is something about an unknown individual or a Jane Doe ... they don't have a name. I've always felt that it was important that that person gets their name back."

Martin first went missing in August of 2007.

"It's fulfilling that little piece of the puzzle, to give a little bit of closure to family knowing that at least now they know that this is their loved one," said SBPD Lt. Kayla Miller. "But then it turns into, 'our work isn't done.' Now we need to find the answers to what happened to Tracey."

If you have any information on this crime or any other, please contact Michiana Crime Stoppers at 1-800-342-STOP, or (574) 288-STOP.

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