South Bend Police encourage residents to voice questions and concerns

Residents gathered Thursday night at the police department for the monthly crime information meeting where they discuss with law enforcement which crimes are happening, how often and where.

Police say the crime statistics for July did not show anything out of the ordinary.

They addressed the importance of communicating with police, bringing up a story we covered on Monday where the owner of a local bar told us the police nuisance armadillo was hindering his business.

Nuisance Abatement Officer Keenan Lane says he wishes the bar owner had attempted to get a hold of police for answers.
“In the situation with that particular specific person, all he had to do was call us and ask us why is this out here,” said Officer Lane.

Officer Lane says it can be frustrating when folks jump to conclusions. He encourages those with questions or concerns to give them a call or take a seat at their monthly regional crime meeting.

“They get informed and get a better understanding of what how we do what we do and also may give them a way of looking outside the box versus their own personal opinion about something,” said Officer Lane.

Police also dispelled rumors suggesting the monthly meetings were coming to a halt. They will continue the first Thursday of every month at 6:45 p.m. at the police station.

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