South Bend Police host annual Dia de los Reyes event


An event was held at Harrison Primary Center with South Bend Police Department and the Latin American Chamber of Commerce for the local Hispanic community.

About 200 kids and their families celebrated Dia de los Reyes together on Thursday night.

For local police, events like this are about building their relationship with the community.

 “Especially if you’re first generation coming over there is a large amount of distrust for law enforcement because of how law enfocement is perceived in some of these other countries so it’s even more important for us to make these in roads with the community so they can understand we are just trying to help, we want them to rely on us,” said Capt. Christopher Voros.

The kids received gifts, played games and ate desert with local officers.

La Casa de Amistad donated stuffed animals, Lowes donated toy sets, and Walmart donated bikes that were given away in a raffle.

“The kids are embracing this, they really love it. Not just because of the free toys, free pastries… maybe it’s because they have no school today but the fact is they are really enjoying this time. We have noticed a major difference in the trust from the youth to the law enforcement,” said Juan Hernandez,

President Latin American Chamber of Commerce.

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