South Bend Police offers free fingerprinting

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Parents in Michiana got the opportunity to get free fingerprints and photos of their children.

The I.D. kits were for anyone four to 16 years old and the event was free Wednesday at the South Bend Police Station.

Parents filled out a form, had their children’s finger-prints and pictures taken, then had a card printed out with the information.

"It's something that if should they walk off, walk to a friend’s house and never get there and they end up missing and we need some identifiers, height, weight, that sort of thing," said Lieutenant Patrick Hechlinski. "We like to have that sort of thing available as soon as possible, so we can get that out to the available units and help locate your child."

The parents can keep a card at home with them, and can laminate another section to keep with them at all times.

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