South Bend residents weigh in on the future of Leeper Park

NOW: South Bend residents weigh in on the future of Leeper Park

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – At a Monday night meeting, South Bend residents weighed in on the future of Leeper Park.

According to officials and residents, Leeper Park’s duck pond has been neglected and in need of a clean-up, but some people want to get rid of the park altogether.

Eleven community members spoke at Monday night’s meeting in support of a plan to remove the duck pond with plans of adding and renovating walkways and adding an overlook to the park.

“I walk the neighborhood everyday with my dog and my children and I’m 100% behind this plan,” South Bend resident Jean DeWinter said.

The Historic Preservation Commission Vice President Elizabeth Hertel says the city didn’t do a good job maintaining the park.

“Unfortunately the city has been bad stewards of Leeper Park, they’ve let it go downhill not taken care of it,” Hertel said

South Bend Common Council President Tim Scott also said changes are needed.

“You know I’ve been here 25 years and we really haven’t seen any changes to this park and you’ve heard the testimony in the detriment to the water fowl and the water quality is pretty much toxic,” Scott said.

The park’s renovations will cost approximately $1.5 million dollars with work expected to start in the spring with a targeted completion date of 2020.  

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