South Bend restaurants serving more customers on Christmas Day

NOW: South Bend restaurants serving more customers on Christmas Day

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- Dining out on Christmas day is becoming more common among many families.

19 restaurants in South Bend were open on Christmas Day. Woochi Japanese Fusion and Bar on Michigan Street had around 80 to 100 reservations on December 25, according to the owner.

“I think more and more people are more kind of wanting to go to more different restaurants and have more options so why not,” said Jeremy Young, owner of the restaurant.

Young said he was not sure on the amount of sales the restaurant made last Christmas. He said reservations for this year were made as early as December 1.

“We spent today home with family,” said Jonathon Taylor, who dined at Woochi on Christmas Day. “Everybody left so now we’re having a Woochi meal.”

Taylor said he and his family were hanging out at the restaurant before family members left town. Young said by lunch time the restaurant had a full house.

“We don’t like to have to cook or clean up,” said Lisa Siqueira, who dined out on Christmas Day. “We go out for Thanksgiving, too.”

Siqueira said her family spent Christmas Day and Christmas Eve at Woochi Japanese Fusion and Bar. She said her family went to the restaurant last year so they knew it would be open.

Young said there is already an hour-long wait for a table at the restaurant on New Year’s Eve. He said that’s the most popular holiday for the Japanese restaurant.


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