South Bend Riverwalk approved for new development program

The South Bend Riverwalk is getting an upgrade and you have a say in what this upgrade should look like.

Nearly 100 million dollars has been approved for a new development program.

The Redevelopment Commission is voting to approve a new master plan and the focus will be between Darden Road and Logan Street.

Leeper Park and the farmers market will get the most funding.

The aging infrastructure and older style will be upgraded.

"There's over eighty million dollars worth of development projects happening directly associated with our riverfront and so we want to make sure that our parks and trails integrate with those projects appropriately and they are protected in that time frame as well,” said one organizer.

You have a chance to speak out and make sure your voice is heard. There will be several public meetings to help decide what it should look like. The 1st meeting will be held in September.

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