South Bend School Board passes budget with increase to teacher pay

NOW: South Bend School Board passes budget with increase to teacher pay


SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- South Bend School Corporation approves its budget for the 2021-2022 school year. The approved plan includes cutting $800,000 from the transportation budget, but school leaders say they have a plan for that.

“The goal is to really look at what we’re doing and sure up on efficiencies in transportation which bring about cost savings," said Kareemah Fowler, Assistant Superintendent of Business and Finance.

Board members voted Monday night to cut from the transportation portion of the districts budget for next school year, but officials say it’s not as bad as it sounds, because money to cover some of those expenses will come from another fund.

The district will be allocating 2.1 million dollars to academic and literacy support - something Fowler says will cover any concerns parents may have about access to transportation.

“It pays for bus drivers. It pays for buses. It pays for mechanics, equipment, engineers, and everything associated. Gas and all of that, everything associated with getting students back and forth to school," said Fowler.

In addition to ensuring students still have access to transportation the approved budget will also allocate 3.1 million dollars to increase teacher salaries.

“We are doing that in an effort for one because they deserve it, for two to stay competitive because the market is what it is," said Fowler.

The board also approved the districts bus replacement program Monday night.

We’ve reached out to board members and Superintendent Todd Cummings about what exactly that boost to teacher pay will look like.

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