South Bend sisters take national stage with basketball invitation, TV docu-series

NOW: South Bend sisters take national stage with basketball invitation, TV docu-series


Two South Bend sisters with big dreams are now making those dreams a reality. Sixth grade student Amiyah Reynolds and 7th grade student Mila Reynolds, both at LaSalle Intermediate Academy, have been playing basketball since they were just little girls.

“She probably started a little bit earlier than me. I played with my dad all the time,” said 13-year-old Mila Reynolds.

And when it comes to the playing ball, they’re not leaving each other’s side.

“She’s my little point guard. She’ll pass me the rock, I’ll pass it back to her, you know we just have this good chemistry together,” said Mila.

But both have a unique set of skills when it comes to the game.

“Wanting to play and being forced to play is different, you give different energy when you want to play,” said 12-year-old Amiyah.

And those skills have been recognized by talent seekers with the Elite Girls Basketball All-American Games in Dallas, Texas. Only the nation’s best middle school and high school female basketball players in the U.S. get that invitation each year.

“I was jumping off walls, I was jumping on my dad, I was tackling people, I was so excited I was screaming,” said Mila.

“I’m really excited and stuff. It’s a good opportunity for me to get better,” said Amiyah.

But if you thought that was it for these two all stars, think again. These courtside sisters are two of six pre-teens that will be featured on a Nickelodeon sports special all weekend long created by none other than WNBA all-star and South Bend native, Skylar Diggins.

“We weren’t just like basketball teammates we were like sisters just coming together as one. Playing like under Skylar Diggins’ name is just an honor too,” said Mila.

But no matter how far they get, Mila says she’ll always remember where it started.

“I’m really excited to know I have this opportunity that, you know others don’t have. They took the chance to actually look at me and see me play,” said Mila.

The docu-series aired on NickToons at 9:00 p.m. Friday March 3rd, Saturday March 4th, and Sunday March 5th.

Mila and Amiyah's parents have been working to send their daughters to different events for even more exposure opportunities and to help maximize their potential in the basketball realm, and now they're asking for the public's help in doing that. They put together a go-fund-me campaign for the two sisters to help get them to these places. If you'd like to donate, click here.

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