South Bend students head back to school

SOUTH BEND -- For more than 20,000 students, Thursday morning was their first day of school in the South Bend School District.

While students have been enjoying summer with friends and family, it's been a busy summer for school administrators.

South Bend School Corporation had to release 70 teachers and aides, citing a lack of funding.

School officials are hoping that they receive more funding from the city.

The Corporation recently approved a resolution asking the city for more funds.

South Bend Schools also said goodbye to their retiring Superintendent James Kapsa.

The school board then had to search for a new leader.

For the time being Interim Superintendent Dr. Carole Schmidt will be in charge.

South Bend Police will be increasing their patrols for back to school week.

They want to remind drivers that school is back in session.

That means to do the speed limit in school zones and watch the roadways for students.

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