South Bend teacher accused of embezzlement

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- South Bend Police are investigating a possible embezzlement case involving a teacher at Dickinson Intermediate Fine Arts Academy. The police report shows the case stems from money collected for the school's yearbook.

"There was some discrepancy about where the funds had landed so they filed a report for us to look into that and the case is very much in its infancy right now,” said Sergeant Ian McQueen of the South Bend Police Department.

The police report states the principal, Mr. Sims arranged for teacher Dan Santos to collect money for this year's yearbooks.

On May 21st the principal discovered that Santos had put the money into his personal bank account and there were no invoices or any other documentation of any sales.

The following day Santos returned with a personal check for $3416 to cover the entire cost of every yearbook ordered and also handed over $400 in cash.

But the school would not accept the check and decided to have the cops investigate. They filed the police report last Friday.

The South Bend School Corporation is not willing to issue a statement or speak about the matter.

Santos said he cannot comment because that is the police of the school district.

School board member Bill Sniadecki is wondering why school officials didn't inform the board about this case until Thursday.

"It's a little shocking to me that for one the board did not hear about this,” said Sniadecki.

Principal Sims ordered us off of the property while we were talking to parents and students who seemed to be defending Mr. Santos.

"I signed up for year book and he's a really, really, really nice teacher. And he is a good teacher too,” said Vinson.

South Bend Police say at this point they're not sure whether this case is a criminal or civil case.

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