South Bend woman talks about car crash that killed her mother

NOW: South Bend woman talks about car crash that killed her mother

MISHAWAKA, Ind. – A South Bend woman says she’s grieving after losing her mother in a car crash.

Mary Amiel, says she and her mom, Sherry Amiel, had just left bible study and were on their way to the gym when a car drifted into the lane, crashed into their car, and killed Sherry.

The St. Joseph County Fatal Alcohol Crash Team says they continue to investigate the incident.

Investigators say on January 26th, a jeep driven by Alan Tarchala, 33, crossed the center line into northbound traffic on Bremen Highway near Petro Drive and hit the Amiel’s vehicle.

Mary is still in the hospital recovering. The accident left her with a shattered ankle, broken wrist, and lots of bruises. Mary said the pain of her physical injuries doesn’t compare to the pain of losing her mom.

“To lose her feels like I’ve kind of lost two people because it feels like I lost my mom, but at the same time, it feels like I’ve lost a friend,” said Mary.

Mary describes Sherry as a loving mother and grandmother with a warm welcoming smile. She said they two were best friends and enjoyed going to Notre Dame sporting events.

Mary says her faith is helping her and her family make it through this difficult time.

“My mom was always smiling and calming me down and we’d always talk about like our day and how things went, so without her here it’s been rough,” said Mary.

Tarchala has not been charged. It’s not clear if any charges will be filed. However, police arrested Tarchala on a warrant for driving while suspended, a Class A Misdeameanor. He is being held in the St. Joseph County Jail without bond.

Mary called that information upsetting. She says if Tarchaala turned himself in for that warrant, there’s a chance that her mom would still be alive.

“I thought it was a normal, you know, just another driver who just maybe wasn’t quite aware,” said Mary. “If he wouldn’t have done that, my mom still might be here.”

The family created a GoFundMe to help pay for Mary's medical and living expenses. If you would like to donate click here

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