South Bend works to repair winter damage to roads

NOW: South Bend works to repair winter damage to roads


Roads are rough in South Bend now that winter has ended.

The street department is going into repair mode to make commutes safe and smooth.

Cracks, potholes, even a sinkhole could be seen in city limits Thursday.

South Bend Street Department supervisor Tom Whitaker says a rainy winter made things worse.

“We had a lot more rain this winter, with colder temperatures dipping at night. Those create more potholes. That is why we’re seeing a lot more potholes now than in years past,” Whitaker said.

Whitaker’s department is working on spring repairs, patching potholes.

Paving starts the first day of May, and will last through fall.

“We’ll actually go in, we’ll mill the streets up, and we’ll resurface an entire street block for block and we’re trying to equal out the four quadrants of the city,” Whitaker said.

The main roads will be taken of first, followed by residential, slowly filling the cracks left behind by winter.

“We have and we try to keep four crews out, but obviously with other summer construction preparation going on we can’t always get those crews out,” Whitaker said, asking for patience from residents.

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