South Bend worries about too much time at home and more e-learning amid school closings

NOW: South Bend worries about too much time at home and more e-learning amid school closings

BEND, Ind. - With the Indiana State Government's Thursday announcement of keeping all K-12 schools closed for the remainder of the school year, South Bend community members are worried about what that will mean for families at home and how more e-learning will work for students.

The school closure announcement effectively canceled the 2020 high school softball season leaving some students disappointed.

"Not being able to play softball is's not fun being at home and sitting around," said New Prairie High School Sophomore Softball Player Alyssa Forys. "You can go out and play but it's not the same."

The announcement also means more time at home and more e-learning for K-12 students, something that has Tyren Moffitt, someone who watches his younger sister and cousin's when their mom is at work, feeling mixed emotions.

"I'm not a big online learner, and I know, talking to them that they aren't particularly either," Moffitt said. "Having that in-class interaction is very important for a lot of people. On top of that, them being home a lot can be a lot at times."

Moffitt is not the only one who is worried about the continuation of e-learning.

"It's very hard to learn the materials you need to online and take a test over it the next day without teachers' help," said John Adams High School Sophomore Emily Kidwell.

The closure is also impacting another high school athlete. John Adams High School Senior Football Kicker Nick Muraya wants to kick collegiately, but is struggling to find a place to train with schools and gyms closing due to Coronavirus. His academics are also in a bind.

"It's quite tough for us, especially seniors because we obviously want to graduate and finish our studies," Muraya said. "But I guess we're going to have to do that at home, and also since I'm doing CTE, I can't work on my craft which is quite important."

South Bend Community School Corporation was not available for a comment Thursday but did say district leaders will get together and come up with a plan for the prolonged school closure.

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