South Bend's west side to celebrate Latin American Independence

The weekend starts early on the west side of South Bend, with a celebration of all things Latin American. 

La Casa de Amistad is teaming up with Latino radio station Sabor Latino to expose more people in the city to the vibrant culture. 

It's a celebration of Independence Day for numerous Latin American countries, including Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala. It's called Fiestas Patrias. There will be live music, games for kids and plenty of authentic Latino food.

Organizers say it's all about bringing the area together, exposing people on other sides of South Bend to a culture they may not know.

"It's important for everybody to just learn about different parts of our community," said Sam Centellas of Le Casa de Amistad. "Different parts of our culture. Different things that have made this south bend fabric. We are large part of the community and we want people to see the things we like to do and learn a little bit about our culture."

The event kicks off at 4 p.m and wraps up at 11 p.m at the Marycrest building on W.Western Avenue. 

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