Spartan Motors: Utilimaster to move from Wakarusa to Bristol

WAKARUSA, Ind. -- Spartan Motors, Inc., the parent company of Utilimaster in Wakarusa, Ind., announced on Tuesday that they plan to move the company's manufacturing operations, headquarters and all supporting departments to a new location in Bristol, Ind.

According to a  press release from the company to local news organizations, the move is expected to begin in the second quarter of 2012 and will be completed by the end of the year.

The company said that moving to Bristol, a mere 20 miles east of Wakarusa, will help consolidate the company's operations into one building, instead of continuing to support its current 16-building campus. The company also said that this move, "combined with lean manufacturing practices," will help the company to increase their efficiency in manufacturing and also reduce costs.

The company released this list of other highlights about why the move is positive:

  • Reducing footprint from 760,000 to 425,000 sq. ft.
  •   Campus shrinks from 106 to 26 acres
  •   Estimated annual savings of $4 Million
  •   Improved manufacturing flow, containerization and kitting
  •   80% reduction of material / vehicle movement
  •   Production lines will accommodate multiple platforms
  •   Increased sub-assembly capacities
  •   A new manufacturing showcase for customers

ABC 57 Multimedia Journalist Jillian Mahen is following the story and will have more information coming up in later editions of ABC 57 Mews.


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