Special pep rally for one fan

NOTRE DAME- Notre Dame Head Coach Brian Kelly was leading most of the cheers tonight and the pep rally outside Dillon Hall on campus.

Kelly got some cheers while making predictions for the game tomorrow. “The football team is ready to play this game the way it hasn’t been played in very long time here at Notre Dame,” he said.

One of the biggest Irish fans in the crowd tonight was focused on what was going on off to the left of the stage.

The pompon squad.

“Its pretty awesome,” said 11-year-old Rachael Hunt grinning ear-to-ear. She's a cheerleader herself in Modesto, CA. “I’ve always liked it since I was three.”

Her Dad, Ben Hunt set up something pretty special for Rachael. He always comes to Notre Dame's opening game.This year he called the captain of pompon squad. Rachel Pollard

Pollard says it's a pretty small world. “Actually he went to my highschool.”

“We’ve kind of been texting and emailing getting ready for this," said Hunt.

They set up a way for Rachael to meet Rachel and the squad. They took pictures and gave hugs.

For the squad they like being looked up to. “Being able to have role models that go to a university that’s amazing and also do what you love to do just inspires you to be able to become that some day.” said Pollard.

Rachael wants to cheer at Notre Dame someday. Now she has someones footsteps to follow.

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