Spiderman turns 50

ELKHART, Ind. -- Spiderman is fifty years old and one museum in Elkhart spent the day celebrating in a big way!
The Hall of Heroes had actors dressed up like their favorite characters from the comics including Kingpin, Venom and of course Spidey himself.
Kids and even their parents came out to see what the museum was all about.
"We've had a lot of young kids out today because they wanna meet Spiderman because he's such an iconic character and there's so many fans of Spiderman. I think a lot of the dad's probably bring their kids out because they really wanna see Spiderman but they use their kids as an excuse so they can come see Spiderman," said Allen Stewart, Museum Curator.
The first comic book Spiderman ever appeared in is now valued at over $100,000!
It has only been seen in two museums around the world, including Hall of Heroes in Elkhart.

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