Sports book opens at Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo

NEW BUFFALO, Mich. --- One local casino has opened a new type of betting, despite sports not happening across the country due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A big day is in the books for Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo as it officially opened up its brand new sports book.

Following the legalization of sports betting in Michigan, Four Winds Casino is now giving sports fans the opportunity to bet on the action.

There are a total of 18 kiosks that can be used to place bets, not to mention people can go online to begin the wager process before even placing the official bet in person.

Frank Freedman, the Chief Operating Officer of Four Winds Casino, said despite the future of sports in limbo, now is still a good time for sports betting.

“The timing is good for us there is still uncertainity with pro football and college sports of all types but we’re getting through this like everyone else is with kind of baby steps and as hopefully we get beyond this, it’s the foundation we have here will continue to grow and we will grow with it,” Freedman said.

The first official bet was placed by none other than Chicago Bears legend, Steve “Mongo” McMichael, with a $20 bet on the Bears to win the Super Bowl this year, that is if the big game goes on.

McMichael had a message for everyone who wants to see the return of fall sports.

“I’ve been sitting at the house, I’m in the demographic close to 65, got type 2 diabetes, asthma,” McMichael said. “There are all kinda ways that virus could kill me, I wish everybody that has that virus if you’re going to take the chance to give it to someone, you know you have it, and you gonna go out anyway and you’re gonna take the chance of killing somebody, you’re a killer, stay home."

If McMichael’s luck holds out and the Bears do win the big game, he will not be in New Buffalo to collect, because he will make sure to be at the Super Bowl, according to McMichael.

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