St. Joseph, Berrien and Cass sheriff's departments work to catch burglars

Law enforcement in St. Joseph, Berrien and Cass counties are working together to solve recent burglaries.

Although the rash of burglaries in the three counties in June may be unrelated, they show some similarities, leading authorities to question if they could be the same suspects.

Lt. Tom Jacobs with the Cass County Sheriff's Department says the burglaries that show similar patterns have happened around the state line. 

The burglars usually hit during the day, at houses where no one is home.

They spend little time at the houses. 

Officers from each county say burglaries are more common when it's warm outside, and there is no need to be alarmed. 

They recommend locking your doors, and getting to know your neighbors. 

If you see a suspicious vehicle or person in your neighborhood, you are encouraged to call your county sheriff's office. 
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