St. Joseph County corrections officer killed in drive by shooting

NOW: St. Joseph County corrections officer killed in drive by shooting


MISHAWAKA, Ind., --- Neighbors were shaken up after a deadly drive-by shooting on Millburn Boulevard in Mishawaka took the life of 28-year-old Rhema Harris. The U.S. military veteran who was St. Joseph county corrections officer was even working to become a county police officer.

Longtime neighbors who saw their community turn into a crime scene Sunday said they were shocked tragedy struck their usually quiet area.

“I heard like six huge booms. I mean it literally shook my windows. It was loud, very loud and scary,” said Doris Wilson a Longtime Neighbor.

Wilson has lived on Millburn Boulevard for more than 50 years and said the idea of a deadly drive by shooting happening just doors down from her was shocking.

“Kids playing, letting their dogs out. It was just like this can’t be happening, but it was,” said Wilson.

Residents said they heard gunshots just after 6:00 pm Sunday evening at 1911 Millburn Boulevard.

Authorities said a bullet struck 28-year-old Rhema Harris in the chest, killing the St. Joe county correctional officer who was working to become a police officer.

“I did not know her but that makes me even feel worse that they know where you live and did that,” said Wilson.

This marks St. Joseph County’s 20th fatal shooting this year and shaken up neighbors said they were uneasy about gun violence hitting close to home.

“If I could I keep my kid in, ugh it’s just really scary,” said Johns.

“There’s a lot of kids in this neighborhood, playing, and we thought it was safe. People walk in the evening; I mean for a couple of miles. Just think we’re safe here but I guess we’re not safe here,” added Wilson.

Mishawaka Police have not arrested any suspects, but investigators believe this was an isolated incident.

Anyone with information can call Michiana Crime Stoppers at 574-288-STOP.

St. Joseph County Sheriff Bill Redman also released a statement asking everyone to keep the family of Rhema Harris in their prayers.

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