St. Joseph County leaf pickup begins, despite leaves clinging to the trees

NOW: St. Joseph County leaf pickup begins, despite leaves clinging to the trees


ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. -- Leaf pickup has begun in the county, but for some, there's just one problem: the leaves haven't quite fallen yet. 

But some residents are still happy to have signed up for the service.

The county adopted a subscription service format last year, offering residents four Fall pickups and one Spring pickup at a price calculated by lot size and leaf density.

Subscribers are then given a sign to place in their yard so that the crews hired by St. Joseph County's Recycling Department will now to pick up that house's leaves.

While the service is relatively new, some of the residents who signed up are already singing the program's praises. 

((Krastuiu Ugrinov, SJC resident))

“I’m absolutely happy," said Krastuiu Ugrinov, who's lived in Granger for eight years. "We’ve been here for many years and we didn’t have this option, and we have so many leaves in the fall. So having this opportunity is great.”

Though some residents are concerned, because there are still plenty of leaves on the branches, thinking that perhaps the county has started too early.

Ugrinov said "Initially when I heard how early they were gonna start, I was wondering if there would be leaves to pick up.”

Crews have already completed their first pass in Penn South, Centre, Green, Olive, Lincoln, Liberty, Portage, German and Warren Townships.

According to a representative from the County Commissioners, the pickup dates had been decided earlier in the year, and couldn't predict the warmer temperatures this month, which have lead to the leaves hanging on for longer.

Some residents who declined to go on camera complained about the signs as well, decrying them as eyesores, but they don't bother everyone.

“I know it’s just temporary for the season, so I don’t see it as a big problem," said Ugrinov.

Ugrinov, who previously relied on other services to take away his leaves in the Fall, is thankful that the county offers this service. 

"If the service continues to be as good as I saw so far, and the price is decent, I will continue to definitely do that," he said. 

The county is currently working on picking up leaves in Clay, Harris and Penn North Townships. 

St. Joseph County residents can still sign up for the leaf pickup service at

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