St. Joseph County mask ordinance extended to May 27

NOW: St. Joseph County mask ordinance extended to May 27

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. -- St. Joseph County officials voted 7-2 Tuesday in favor of extending the mask ordinance until May 27th. This comes just several weeks after health department officials announced the extension of the mask mandate through May which did not require county approval.

“I believe that holding this for another 5 weeks and 5 days might save at least one life, and if it were to save one life, I’m willing to do the inconvenience of a mask for that short period of time," said Councilmember Richard Pfeil.

Although the council voted in favor of the extension officials say they have no intention of extending further after this date.

“I will in no way support an additional add to this date past the date stated," said Pfeil.

The ordinance requires all businesses to have all employees wear masks and have signs posted requesting customers to wear them as well.

The extension comes under extreme guidance from County Health Officer, Dr. Robert Einterz.

“Dr. Einterz chose the date of May 27th is because that is a time when all citizens all citizens of St. Joseph County 16 years and over would be who are eligible or have the opportunity to be vaccinated to be fully vaccinated by then," said Councilmember Diana Hess.

The ordinance gives the health department power to cite any businesses found in violation fines any where from $50 to $250.

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