St. Joseph County Officials remind you to drive sober

Police are cracking down on those who drink and drive.

The St. Joseph County Traffic Safety Partnership is working to make sure there are no alcohol-related deaths during the campaign.

It runs through September 5th, right after Labor Day. 

Nine agencies are joining in the campaign to step up police presence for the next couple weeks.

Sources say that last year there were nearly 5,000 alcohol-related accidents in Indiana, with 92 deaths

In St. Joseph County, there were 3 alcohol-related fatalities.

"We do have a lot of drunk driving arrests in our county but the number of alcohol-related crashes and fatalities are going down, so we're making improvement. We want to make sure to keep that improvement going. We will be out in full force, and chances are if you're driving impaired, you will be pulled over." says Lt. Tim Williams of the Mishawaka Police Department.

Williams says they are especially focused on Labor Day weekend as people are on family vacations. 

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