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St. Joseph County officials talk leaf pick up with residents

NOW: St. Joseph County officials talk leaf pick up with residents


St. Joseph County officials heard from neighbors Wednesday night after many complained about inconsistencies with the county’s leaf pick up service.

Some residents believe Greenworld, the contracted pick up company, might have too much on its plate.

They believe the county is too large for the company to get around to their pickups effectively.

“We have so many leaves that come down, I think it may just be too big for one outlet unless they get more equipment,” said Granger resident Mark Stevens.

Frustrated neighbors expressed concerns over the growing piles of leaves lingering on their curbs.

“I’ve never seen two or three trucks in our neighborhood, only one,” said Stevens.

But officials say they are working on solutions.

Wednesday was the first of three public forums they’re holding on the topic in the hopes of taking their conversations to the county council and commissioners.

But some want to take some of the burden off the county.

“I’m trying to compost them myself instead of hauling them clear up the road,” said Diana Mendelsohn, a Clay Township resident.  “We can recycle or upcycle those leaves instead of burning them.”

The next meeting will be held on March 15 at Clay Fire Station on Cleveland Road. 

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