St. Joseph County poll workers needed

NOW: St. Joseph County poll workers needed


SOUTH BEND, Ind.- It's not an easy process to get an election organized but a big shortage in poll workers needed in St. Joseph County isn't making it any easier for organizers to do so.

St. Joseph Election Board needs 1,058 poll workers before November 6th's midterm election to split among each precinct.

They need 278 more, and training begins this Saturday.

It's already causing some backups.

St. Joseph County residents are already calling in complaints that they have not received their absentee ballots on time yet.

Republican board member, Kimberly Riskovitch, said the biggest roadblock to reaching this goal is new technology intimidating their older workers-- but that's not the only problem.

“It’s hard to get younger people involved, and when they do get involved, to keep them engaged and involved,” said Riskovitch. 

St. Joseph County Election Board needs your help to get the mission accomplished.

They're asking anyone over the age of 16 wanting to make a couple extra dollars and learn a thing or two about the electoral system, to contact them to get involved. 


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