St. Joseph High School celebrates spring sports as state champions

NOW: St. Joseph High School celebrates spring sports as state champions

SOUTH BEND, In -- Three teams celebrate their first ever state championships at Saint Joseph High School, setting a record for success in Spring sports.

In the spring of 2022, tennis doubles, boys’ lacrosse, and girls’ softball, each earned their first state titles

“All the teams this spring did so well. Not only the three teams that we celebrated tonight. We just had a wonderful spring season,” said Athletic Director Stephen Anthony.

Anthony is a first year Athletic Director for the Indians and after a successful Spring, the school will need to make room for some new hardware.

“I came here to Saint Joseph with high hopes, high expectation, big goals, big dreams and just to see the student athletes achieve this level of success, it just gives you so much promise and so much hope for the future,” Anthony added.

This year, the boys’ lacrosse team brought home the state championship, after coming up short in 2021.

Matching their season, the tennis doubles brought back hardware to Michiana, as on the best duos in the state.

Taking down teams like Carmel and Fishers High School on their way to a state championship.

The most recent success came from the girls’ softball team.

They scored just two runs in their final two games of the season in semi-state and the state finals.

Making Head Coach Earl Keith a state champion, for the first time in 17 years.

“I don’t think it’s hit me yet because I’ve done it for 17 years and we’ve gotten close a couple of times but we hadn’t got to the top. So, I didn’t know how that felt yet but it’s starting to sink in and it feels awfully good,” said Keith.

“Your goal at the beginning of the year is to win a state championship so it’s so exciting to reach that goal this year with the team,” said pitcher Savannah Hamilton.

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