St. Joseph River rises slightly after rain

NOW: St. Joseph River rises slightly after rain


South Bend, Ind. - After heavy rain, the St. Joseph River is higher than normal.

The South Bend Fire Department is reminding all boaters to be safe on the water.

While there is nothing unusually dangerous about the river, it is five feet higher than normal in spots..

The current is also stronger due to rain.

“Just depends where you’re at. There’s places where it’s almost 30 feet deep around here,” Captain Ed Meyer with the fire department’s water rescue team said.

Meyer and the rest of the water rescue team completed monthly training in the river Tuesday.

“With this rain this last week it’s up a little bit more,” Meyer said of the St. Joseph River.

The captain said the current is also running a bit stronger.

It’s still safe to participate in legal river activities, but the fire department wants everyone out on any body of water to take caution.

“The best way to protect yourself on that is to always go with someone. Always have a partner with you if you’re near the water,” Captain Gerard Ellis said.

Life jackets are also a recommendation.

“With the swift current, if you do fall in, you may not be able to react as fast,” Ellis said.

The team hasn’t had to rescue any victims from the river yet this summer.

“You have to realize it’s going to be deeper and running faster than it usually is,” Meyer said.

The fire department says it was a difficult spring for the river, with levels rising due to rain.

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