St. Pius cheers for the Irish

 SOUTH BEND, Ind. — St. Pius teacher, Susan Clines, taker her Irish pride seriously. She grew up as the daughter of an assistant coach, under Gerry Faust's leadership.

"I grew up around football and my family is Catholic. So the best place for us to be was around Notre Dame," said Susan Clines.

Clines admits the early 1980's weren't the best for Notre Dame football, but in due time, things change.

"It's been since 1988. some of the teachers may remember the national championship back then. And it's really brought a lot of life to our town," said 8th grader, Gus Desch. 

Gus Desch serves on the student council. He's been pushing for more dress down days at St. Pius. And with the blue and gold fighting at the top, these kids caught a break. 

Students and faculty at St. Pius got a special treat. They were able to swap out their uniforms for Notre Dame gear in support of the Fighting Irish. But some chose to take things to the extreme. 

"It's kind of hard not to embrace it when you live in the area," said teacher, Jenny Ganser.

Teachers Jenny Ganser and Beth Murphy said they wouldn't mind being in Miami with the team, soaking up the sun.

But hanging with these mini-fans is certainly the next best thing.

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