Starke County councilman expelled

NOW: Starke County councilman expelled


STARKE COUNTY, Ind.--- Starke County Councilman Tom DeCola was removed from office on Monday night.

The Fourth District representative was unanimously expelled from the council after allegations of misconduct were brought to light during January’s council meeting.

DeCola was given a month to respond  to the allegations made against him but declined to do so.  

“I think we were all shocked by that, or at least that he didn’t have a response,” said Council President Dave Pearman.

Pearman says the allegations against DeCola do not reflect the views of the people living in Starke County.

“In our county we don’t tolerate those types of feelings and actions and we have a very professional board, a very professional county government,” said Pearman.

DeCola’s seat will be filled by a candidate picked by the state’s Republican Party.

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