Starke County intruders caught after invading man's home

STARKE COUNTY, Ind. --  Two men are in custody after leading a police chase, and fleeing from a scene of a home break-in.

The invasion happened at the 3000 block of 400 N in Starke County just before 11 a.m. Friday. Starke County police say two suspects known to the victim broke into his home and battered him with a pistol.

The suspects then held the victim and gunpoint and demanded items including guns, a TV, and video unit. They also threatened to killing the victim‘s family if he did not cooperate with their demands, or contact law enforcement.

The victim stated that one suspect stayed at the residence while the other held him at gunpoint and took him to a bank to withdrawal money.

After returning to the victim’s residence, the suspects stated as they were leaving if law enforcement approaches they would not hesitate to shoot.

The chase started after the suspects fled the scene. Starke County Sherriff’s Department spotted the suspects traveling on 950 S in La Porte County. The suspects wrecked their vehicle in the area of 200 E and 950 S.

The suspects took off on foot. One was caught shortly after, while the other suspect was at large and apprehended by the La Porte County K-9 unit and taken into custody.

Police are still investigating the incident.


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