Starting quarterback for Notre Dame's first game is named

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind.-- In a highly anticipated move Fighting Irish Head Coach Brian Kelly announced which quarterback will start their first game against Rice.

Wednesday afternoon at a press conference, Coach Kelly announced that position will go to Everett Golson.


"There was competition up until I made the decision and there will continue to be competition. Everett is the starter for Rice and we hope that he is the starter for the entire year. We are all in this in a merit based kind of situation. We got to win," says Kelly.


Golson said he was honored to earn the starting position, but says that this position is not permanent.

“One thing we saw is that job isn't solid. You come out and play bad week 1 and it's up for grabs. You have to know that going into it. I got to do the best to prepare,” says Golson.  


Sophomore Malik Zaire is also working hard for his spot in the starting line-up for the Irish.


Kelly says Golson is the starting quarterback for the opener against Rice and not the set line-up for the season.

Notre Dame’s home opener against Rice is on August 30th, and kick-off is scheduled for 3:30 p.m.

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