State agency opposes majority of I&M rate increase request

The Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor (OUCC) on Tuesday filed a three-month technical and legal review of Indiana Michigan Power ‘s proposal to increase customer rates.

Based on the review, the OUCC is recommending denial of the majority of I&M’s request for a $172 million rate increase.

Instead, the OUCC is recommending an increase of less than $2 million.

OUCC counselor Bill Fine says that the rate increase that I&M received in May 2018 of $96.8 million is “sufficient to cover its needs.”

In addition to testimony from 12 OUCC witnesses, the OUCC filed over 500 written consumer complaints.

About 56 I&M customers testified at public meetings held in July.

I&M has until September 17 to file a rebuttal testimony.

IURC is expected to release an order in March 2020.

To read updates regarding the case and notes from the OUCC’s testimony, click here.

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