State education leaders share tips with teachers

An educational technology conference took over Riley High School Friday.

The school had nearly 30 presenters from all over the state to share technology tips and tricks for educators.

They are also looking to get the students involved with the technology in the classroom.

“It’s been great. I’ve been using it since February I used it every day, There’s only one week that I didn’t use it and that’s because I wanted to take a little break from writing, So I ended up using the board but nothing to do with the camera itself. It’s great for saving documents, and it has greatly greatly impacted how I teach and help with students,” said one educator at the conference.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg served as a keynote speaker as well.

School officials hope this will build on the plan that started in 2008 to put iPads and MacBook Airs with every child in grade schools.

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