State introduces “Bridging the Gap” initiative for high school graduates

INDIANAPOLIS – Ivy Tech Community College, the Indiana Department of Education, and the Indiana Commission for Higher Education are helping 2021 high school graduates get ready for college with a new, free program.

The “Bridging the Gap” program is designed to help at least 3,500 Indiana students who do not currently meet college or career readiness benchmarks in math and English. These students likely experienced disruptions in their education because of COVID-19.

“This year’s graduating seniors have an exciting new opportunity to bridge the gap between their high school learning and postsecondary education,” said Dr. Katie Jenner, Indiana Secretary of Education. “Partnerships like this over the summer are an important tool to help students master the skills that lay the foundation for future learning -- and, ultimately, strengthen their path to earning a postsecondary credential.”

Ivy Tech will invite eligible students to register for the program via emails and mailings. Students who get connected to an Ivy Tech representative will be given access to Ivy Tech’s Knowledge Assessment program and its online and individualized learning opportunities in English and math.

Once students complete the Knowledge Assessment program, they can then enroll in entry level courses at Ivy Tech and will be ready for college-level courses this fall.

Students can also earn college credit by completing an introductory course at Ivy Tech that gives an overview of skills and strategies to become career and college ready. This course will be offered online and in-person and students will be paired with an Ivy Tech instructor during it.

Courses begin on June 7 and July 6.

In addition to earning college credit and getting prepared for college, students can also earn up to $300 in financial incentives for completing the program.

“Students who are well prepared and who have mastered foundational high school skills are more likely to attend and succeed in college,” said Indiana Commissioner for Higher Education Teresa Lubbers. “Hoosier high school graduates who need some extra help getting ready for college should take advantage of this new, free resource and start off their college careers on the best path.”

For more information about the program, visit Ivy Tech’s website.

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