State plans on cracking down on heroin abuse

The state is cracking down on heroin dealers and robberies. New legislation is in place to decrease numbers in heroin possession, but some critics say it resembles failed attempts from the past.

The legislation is called Senate Bill 324 and it also prevents a judge from suspending all or part of some heroine dealing sentences. Some lawmakers are against it and some support it.

According to Indiana Public Radio Representative Matt Pierce says the bill goes against the state’s criminal code reform.

That criminal code was designed to give the judge more options in sentencing and eliminate increased sentences for almost the same crime. For example a pharmacy robbery sentence differs from other types of robbery.

Pierce says, “We need to keep our focus, energy and dollars  on prevention and treatment.”

On the other hand Representative Tom Washburne says the state has to confront the drug crisis.

He adds we have to recognize that society changes and these general principles don’t really work anymore.

The next move is to send the bill back to the senate. Depending on their decision,  it could be passed along for further discussion.

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