Statue getting complaints in Chicago

We have all seen the movie, Marilyn Monroe standing over the subway grate, her dress billowing; it was considered steamy even back then.

Half a century later, it’s still stirring up controversy in Chicago.

ABC 57 first told you about the 26-foot tall statue last month, when it was put up along Michigan Avenue.

Since then, it has attracted thousands of tourists.

Now, some folks are complaining that the statue reveals a bit too much Marilyn.

People around the city are saying, “There's no getting around the fact that's a sexual image. And, of all the images we could choose from. Why do we still keep coming up with that?”

“It’s so funny that you can actually see the underwear.”

“I’m an elementary school teacher and I find it offensive.”

Chicago is known for its unusual art displays, and despite the complaints, the city says the statue will stay up through next spring.

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