Staying safe from the heat as practices start

NOW: Staying safe from the heat as practices start


Now that Notre Dame training camp is underway at Culver Academy and high school fall sports practices are getting going, it's important to stay safe when spending large amounts of time outside in the middle of the day. With storms arriving later today and throughout tomorrow, drier weather won't return for everyone until the middle and later portions of the work week. 

But, as drier weather returns and the heat swells back again at some point, it's important to know what steps you can take when the high heat returns to the forecast. When the heat index, or "feel like" temperature swells into the mid to upper 90s, more water breaks are necessary to stay safe. Above 100 degrees, it's time to take extra steps. Push practice back to the end of the day or stop activity altogether if 105-degree readings pop up.

More on the forecast for the rest of Notre Dame training camp can be found here: 

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