STEM summer camp hosted at Purdue University in South Bend

Two dozen middle school girls are giving back to the community while using their skills in science, math and engineering.

The engineers in charger of the go-stem summer camp hosted at  purdue university in south bend are  hoping to light a spark this week.  

Megan McGann, the clinical assistant professor of mechanical engineering technology, told us "we are the college of engineering but we are trying to get them interested in stem in general."

the girls are out of school for the summer, but that doesn't mean the learning has stalled..

Holly thomas, an incoming seventh grader, said "it's been really interesting to learn about some of the things that we haven't learned in six grade to learn now."

this week, they're learning how to design a dog house that will be constructed and donated to the st. Joseph county humane society.

Studies show females are more interested in math and science fields if the end result helps the community.

McGann told us another goal was "to make sure that they are not scared of stem, not to force them to do it, but to introduce them to it and let them know that it's not just geeky men that do it. They can do it too."

and even though both genders are encouraged to take an interest in these fields, the girls-only environment ensures the girls to feel comfortable exploring.

Thomas said "i think boys would just go a little crazy. And some of the smarter boys in science would just take over and think that they know everything."

on the final day of camp, each team will make a presentation about their prototypes and final design in an engineering showcase that parents and community members are invited to attend.  
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