Stevensville improving area parks with dog area, kayak launch, more

NOW: Stevensville improving area parks with dog area, kayak launch, more

STEVENSVILLE, Mich. – Leaders in Stevensville want to improve the village’s parks and outdoor spaces.

They believe it will attract new visitors and businesses and make the community friendlier for those who already live there.

“We’ll have more people coming in town and seeing business in town,” said Village Council President Steve Slavicek.

Slavicek says the village council just approved plans for a dog park. He says the village now needs help from the community to raise $8,000 for the project. Slavicek says the quicker the money is raised, the faster the village can build.

“We want to do this to enhance our village and the surrounding area and be part of the community and help out said,” said Slavicek.

However, Slavicek says the plans don’t stop there. Within the next few years the village intends to build a pavilion, parking lot, and kayak launch at Hickory Creek Park, add walking paths at the Stevensville Nature Area and the Jung Nature Area, and build picnic tables in a downtown green space. He says the village will apply for grants to pay for those projects.

“Property values go up if you’re near a park or an outdoor area with outdoor recreation,” said Slavicek. “It’s a great thing in Berrien County. We have many parks. We want to provide our residents with something nearby that they can get out and get some exercise and enjoy the outside.”

Rick Hoge is a longtime resident of Stevensville.

“It’s only going to draw other people instead of saying, ‘Well what’s really here?’” said Hoge.

He calls the plans pretty exciting for the area.

“Make it a better place for people to live and enjoy the amenities that we do have and enjoy some days like today with the sunshine and get out,” said Hoge.

To donate to the dog park project click here. Slavicek says those who donate $25 or more will receive a free "The Ville" t-shirt. 

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