Sticking with flats.

I have never thought of myself as short until I got into television. 

I am 5'7".  

That is really not that small, right? 

It seems like all the people I work with are giants!  And, I am constantly being teased for being short.  I am the most vertically challenged member of my family, so I have grown used to looking up to everyone.

But, I decided that there would be no teasing about my stature at our ribbon cutting event when I was meeting tons of people in person.  I was determined to look just as tall as Jamie, Tom and Brian.

So, I grabbed my tallest pair of heels and went to party!  I did pretty well for a while.  I was standing and standing checking people in, and got a couple of compliments on how tall I was.  But, my ankles starting giving me some hints that it would only be a matter of time until they gave out.

They decided to betray me as I walked along the red carpet eager to get a message to one of my coworkers and happened to trip over an electrical cord....right in front of our news director...and many of our guests. 


Thank goodness I brought my fast flats. 

Funny how fast news travels.  Almost every person at the station has been asking if I am okay after hearing about how I bit it.  I am flattered, but still quite embarrassed.  I survived with just a bruised toe.  It is quite pretty if I say so myself.  Hard to ice a toe, by the way. 

Anyway, I think I will stick with my flats for a while.  Who cares if I am the shortest one here.  At least I will be able to stay standing!

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